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Mother Lode Bonsai Club
What's New?
Next Meeting changed to: 
November 4th, 2017
  Mother Lode Bonsai Club will offer the basic ABCs of bonsai 
on Saturday, November 4 immediately following the club’s monthly meeting.

 Members and the public are encouraged to bring questions and concerns about their bonsai trees for answers by a number of more experienced club mentors and senseis (teachers). 

“Many times, bonsai hobbyists do not have the opportunity to get more information, guidance and problem-solving techniques about their specific plants for whatever reason and now is the perfect time to do so,” said Bob Dean, club president. 

“We all enjoy this living art and would like to help others also succeed in growing their miniature trees. The open discussion will be followed by a hands-on workshop so everyone is invited to bring their plants, tools and implements for this.”
Sharing the Joy of Bonsai
Discover a blend of art and nature
    Join us in a creative and fascinating hobby – the art of bonsai. Members of the Mother Lode Bonsai Club come from various foothill communities in Amador, Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties, as well as the San Joaquin Valley. Everyone is invited to attend our activities regardless of your level of experience.     
    Over many years, the ancient art of bonsai journeyed from the East and reached worldwide destinations where it has gained steadily in popularity. Why? Imagine viewing a perfectly scaled mature tree in miniature, growing in a crafted pot on a tabletop or even held in the palm of your hand!
    Bonsai literally means “tree in a pot” but it goes far beyond that. Club teachers, or sensei, hold free demonstrations during monthly member meetings where you’ll enjoy watching them transform an ordinary plant into a magnificent miniature. Also featured are presentations on accent plants, viewing stones (suiseki), displaying methods and more.
    Mastery of bonsai requires patience, knowledge and skill, along with appropriate working tools. Volunteers will gladly mentor you in bonsai design techniques and provide basic cultivation tips. Best of all, you’ll meet and network with others, who share a common interest in this craft. Plus, there are shows, field trips, exhibits and workshops for you to attend.  
    Don’t delay! The Mother Lode Bonsai Club invites you to become a member today and start in achieving your work of living art.
10 am - 12:30 pm

​ Monthly meeting location: 

​Calaveras County Library
​1299 Gold Hunter Rd
San Andreas, CA